Saturday, August 9, 2008

Freezer Lasagna

While I was browning all of that meat for the Tacos, I stole a half a pound or so and whipped up an easy Lasagna (for the freezer of course!!)

Now I don't usually boil my Lasagna Noodles....I think if you add enough liquid to them, they cook up just fine. I just use the regular old packaged noodles....they are more inexpensive than the "no boil" kind. (groceries are goin up and we gotta save $$)

I layer one jar of sauce, one box of noodles, one container of large curd cottage cheese, 1/2 bag of mozz. cheese and a few sprinkles of browned and crumbly hamburger in a large casserole dish. Top the rest with remaining cheese and some dried oregano. Looks fancy, and adds to the flavor of the dish. Freeze until ready!!


This one is pretty easy....Taco Night. The girls love tacos, they are easy, and they can be vegetarian for me. We had some friends over on Friday night, so I had alot of fun with all of the different side dishes to go with the tacos.

Hard Shells and Soft Shells
Taco Meat of course!!
Sour Cream
Banana Peppers
Fiesta (mexican) Corn
Corn Chips
Mexican Rice
Refried Beans
Sliced Cucumbers
Last but not least:
Mac n Cheese, we always have mac n cheese with tacos!!

Now I made a TON of stuff, so we had quite a few leftovers. It was SUPER easy to combine most of what was left into a Mexican Casserole, or Mexican just layer your favorite items with some soft shells in a casserole with cheese and either bake or put it in the freezer (which is what I did) easy easy dinnner!!!